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Faversham Society News - April 2024

Articles this month include: Swale Planning Committee reject developer plans for Cleve Hill; Art plan for Stinky Subway; Conversations about Faversham's Future; 1,000 years of the market; On Safari for August; Memories of Arden's House ... and more!

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Faversham Society News - March 2024

Articles this month include: Sewage sculpture protest; We're walking again; Fancy unearthing history; Hidden town unearthed; Pictures of the past; Record museum visitors - and more!

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Faversham Society News - February 2024

Lace, a treasure as valued as jewels and silk. Intricate lace exhibits will shortly go on show at the Fleur Gallery in Preston Street.

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Faversham Society News - Winter 2023-24

Food poverty is as much an issue in Faversham as it is nationally, and our homelessness challenges are growing. We now have people sleeping on the streets again. Our charitable objectives determine what, the society, we can and can’t do to support local charities. We have donated £1,000 to the Christmas Lights this year – a precious element in our cultural heritage, one which benefits us all, young and old, fit and frail – and it reminds us all, believers and non-believers, that it is Christmas.

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Faversham Society News - November 2023

An original drawing of the Faversham Almshouses, prepared by the architects in 1860, has been expertly restored and will go on display shortly. Trees were in danger: this is how we fought for our green space.

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Faversham Society News - October 2023

We believe that the battery storage system for the solar power station at Graveney represents a real danger to residents of Faversham and other communities around the Cleve Hill site between Faversham, Seasalter and Whitstable.

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Faversham Society News - September 2023

The St Mary of Charity Parish Church silver, including four large flagons dating from the reign of Charles I, went on public display the first time in more than 40 years as part of the Open Faversham celebrations

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Faversham Society News - August 2023

Royal secret revealed: Today, the Faversham Society Newsletter can unveil a royal secret … the first book in the English language by a named female author, by Queen Katherine Parr, Henry VIII’s sixth wife

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Faversham Society News - July 2023

If you care about Faversham, we need your active support now to stop the development of 180 homes, on Abbeyfieds, a beautiful and unspoilt part of the town’s historic core.

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Faversham Society News - June 2023

More than 20 gardens in Faversham will open to the public on the Sunday, 25 June and programmes for the day are now available at the Visitor Information Centre at 12 Market Place and via our online store.

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