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Faversham Society News - May 2023

Open Faversham: a new annual event for our town. The Faversham Society and the Friends of St Mary of Charity have joined forces to showcase our town’s built, cultural and natural heritage in August. We hope there will be events and activities celebrating our heritage across Faversham and perhaps in nearby villages that relate to Faversham.

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Faversham Society News - April 2023

Margaret Slythe (1933-2023) • More history goes online • Sign the bridge petition • Town twins welcomed • Conservation appraisal • Town in small scale • Austin’s wartime diary • Postal charges • Maison Dieu volunteers • Archaeological register • Secrets lurk inside the most innocent of books

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Faversham Society News - March 2023

Flooded homes in Faversham remind us that the town on is on the edge of a marsh where mosquitos breed • The Faversham Conservation Area Appraisal is under way • Museum reopens for half term • The fall and rise of Abbey Street • Wonderful gardens open • Blue Wallet: a wartime love story • Pioneering Perambulation • Mormon migration • Thirty volumes for sale

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Faversham Society News - February 2023

Did one of your ancestors have an explosive career? Our wonderful resource is now available online for you to search FREE to see what family secrets you can uncover!

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Faversham Society News - January 2023

The Faversham Society is concerned about a plan for 180 houses on Abbeyfields and believes it will harm the area near the former medieval abbey

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Faversham Society News - December 2022

The society celebrated its diamond jubilee with an exhibition of secret treasures at the Fleur – including a display made from postage stamps

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Faversham Society News - November 2022

I hope that you will enjoy our two exhibitions celebrating the 60 years of the Faversham Society. The Secret Treasures exhibition in the Fleur is a real treat, and the diamond jubilee celebration in the Alexander Centre reflects on the society’s history. Be sure to visit them if you can and bring a friend. Our volunteers will be there. We might sign up some new members.

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Faversham Society News - October 2022

Seventy years ago, on 8 February, 1952, the proclamation of Queen Elizabeth II was read from the outside Faversham Guildhall by town clerk Sydney Wilson. He is pictured with the mayor, Frederick Johnson, and his chaplain, the Rev E. E. Stanton

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Faversham Society News - September 2022

August has brought more heat and now a hosepipe ban. With climate change, there is an urgent need for South East Water to increase storage and reassure us that there is an adequate supply of water for the new housing developments around Faversham.

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Faversham Society News - August 2022

The Cleve Hill solar development at Graveney is active again. The developer, now Project Fortress, is applying to Swale Council for the discharge of planning conditions.

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